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What is Mission: ABLE?

Mission: ABLE helps veterans with job training and career opportunities.

Paralyzed Veterans of America's Mission: ABLE campaign helps our nation's paralyzed veterans rebuild their lives and receive the care, benefits and job services they need and deserve, working to ensure they are:

  • Able to receive the benefits they've earned
  • Able to access the quality of care they need to live a full life
  • Able to get the job training and opportunities for new careers
  • Able to enjoy competition and camaraderie through sports

Why is Mission: ABLE so important?

Veterans living with disabilities deserve the best care and services America can offer, yet our country's paralyzed servicemen and women often face challenges in securing the benefits and freedom they have earned.

  • More than 44,000 American veterans live with paralysis.
  • Spinal cord injuries can cost up to $3 million per person in health-care expenses, yet veterans' benefits aren't always guaranteed. An estimated $25 billion in veterans' benefits dollars go unclaimed every year.
  • More than 85% of veterans with severe disabilities are currently unemployed.

How can you help?

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